Monday, November 26, 2012

How can success ?

One year has 365 days. There are 52 Sundays in a year, which are holidays.
           Balance  313 days
Summer holidays 50 when weather is hot and it is difficult to work.
           Balance  263 days
8 hours daliy sleep means 122 days.
           Balance  141 days
1 hours daliy for playing and other things means 15 days.
          Balance  126 days
2 hours daliy for daliy food means 30 days.
          Balance  96 days
1 hours for talking with friends and others means 15 days.
          Balance  81 days
Shoping  per years at least 35 days.
          Balance  46 days
Quarterly, half year and festival holidays means 40 days.
          Balance  6 days
For sickness at least 3 days.
          Balance  3 days
Movies and functions at least 2 days.
          Balance  1 days
That one day is yoar birth day.

So how can success  ?????

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