Friday, November 23, 2012

Self Improvement Topics

          The-a-b-c-of life
A    for      aspire to reach your gole.
B    for      belive in your self.
C    for      create good life.
D    for      dream about good things.
E    for       exercise frequently.
F    for       forgive honest mistakes.
G    for      glorify your self creative spirit.
H    for      humour your self and others.
I     for       imagine great things.
J     for        joy fully live each day.
K    for        kindly help others.
L    for        love each others.
M   for       meditate daily.
N    for      nurture the environment.
O    for       organize your self.
P     for       praise the performance.
Q     for       question most things.
R     for       regulate your self.
S      for       smile often.
T      for       think positive.
U     for       understand your self.
V      for       value the time.
W     for       work for good cause.
X      for       x-ray & examine the problems.
Y      for       yearn to improve.
Z      for       zeal is must for a successful life.

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